18/5000 How to choose the car filter after not spending the money in vain
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Many car owners have this doubt: when replacing the filter after the insurance, it is too expensive to change the original factory parts in the 4S shop. Is there any problem to replace it with other brand parts? As a matter of fact, the three filters used by car companies at present are provided by only a few large factories. Once we know the brand used by the original car, we can buy it by ourselves without having to go back to 4S stores to accept the price of those pits.
Before we know the brand of the filter, let's review the impact of the inferior filter on the vehicle.
The main function of the air conditioning filter is to filter out all kinds of particles and poisonous gases in the air passing through the air conditioning ventilation system. To put it in perspective, it's like the lungs of a car breathing in air. If a bad air conditioner filter is used, it is equivalent to installing a bad "lung", which cannot effectively remove the toxic gases in the air, and is prone to mold and bacteria breeding. In such an environment for a long time, it will have a bad effect on the health of both myself and my family.
Generally speaking, it is enough to replace the air conditioner filter once a year. If the air dust is large, the replacement cycle can be shortened as the case may be.
Low cheap oil filter may cause the engine to wear the effect of oil filter for oil from the oil pan filter harmful impurities, to clean the oil supply crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, camshaft and supercharger is sports copy of lubrication, cooling and cleaning effect, so as to prolong the life of these parts. If the defective oil filter is selected, the impurities in the oil will enter the engine compartment, which will eventually lead to severe engine wear and need to be returned to the factory for overhaul.
The oil filter does not need to be replaced separately at ordinary times. It only needs to be replaced together with the oil filter when replacing the oil.
The inferior air filter will increase fuel consumption and reduce vehicle power
There are all kinds of foreign things in the atmosphere, such as leaves, dust, sand grains and so on. If these foreign bodies enter the engine combustion chamber, they will increase the wear and tear of the engine, thus reducing the service life of the engine. An air filter is an automotive component used to filter air entering a combustion chamber. If the bad air filter is selected, the inlet resistance will increase and the engine power will decrease. Or increase fuel consumption, and very easy to produce carbon accumulation.
The service life of the air filter varies according to the local air condition, but the maximum is no more than 1 year, and the vehicle must be changed once its driving distance is no more than 15,000 kilometers.
The defective fuel filter will make the vehicle unable to start
The function of fuel filter is to remove the solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in the fuel and prevent the fuel system from being blocked (especially the nozzle). If the use of poor quality fuel filters, the impurities in the fuel cannot be effectively filtered, which will lead to blocked oil roads and vehicles will not start due to insufficient fuel pressure. Different fuel filters have different replacement cycles, and we recommend that they be replaced every 50,000 to 70,000 km. If the fuel oil used is not good for a long time, the replacement cycle should be shortened.
The bulk of the "original parts" are produced by the supplier of parts
Recognizing the adverse consequences of poor quality filters, here are some of the mainstream brands on the market (in no particular order). Most of the original auto parts are manufactured by these mainstream brands.
Conclusion: in fact, most of the original components of automobile filters are produced by mainstream brands in the market. They all have the same function and material. The difference is whether there is the original factory on the package, and the price at the time of replacement. So if you don't want to spend a lot of money, use filters made by these mainstream brands.